Course Content

What is Persuasive Writing

Understand why you are writing, the importance of understanding your audience and how to set your persuasion objectives

Tools for Persuasive Writing

Learn key persuasion tools such as Ethos, Logos, Pathos, emotive language and storytelling

Understanding Decision-Making

Learn how to exploit cognitive biases to increase the persuasiveness of your writing

Advertisement Slogans - the distilled elixir of persuasion

Learn lessons in persuasion from advertising and  the media

Persuasion – the Dark Arts

Understand when and how to use the risker tools of compliance and avoid them being used against you

Persuasive writing is essential to almost everything you ever write. If someone else is reading your words, chances are you want to convince them of something. Maybe you want money, maybe a job. Maybe you just want people to keep the kitchen tidy at work. Whatever the reason, you need your writing to be persuasive. This course tells you how.

This course provides practical, everyday advice on making your writing more effective. Persuasive Writing will take you through the key steps in convincing your reader, using techniques applied over the last 14 years to secure hundreds of millions of pounds for businesses. These same techniques can help everyone in your business achieve their goals.

This course, the first of three focused on persuasive writing, is mainly concerned with the psychology of persuasion. It examines key principles such as how we decide, the core tools of persuasion and the subtle tricks of master influencers.

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Persuasive Writing

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