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Praise for Understanding Minds

If an organisation or individual is to succeed, they must be persuasive. Your CV, interviews, meetings, papers, presentations, reports and negotiations all hinge on your power to persuade.

Despite this, most of us are never taught persuasion skills. Understanding Minds was set up to change this. We exist to help organisations and individuals develop persuasion skills, be it through writing or in person.

Our approach is to focus on the science of persuasion and decision making, rather than providing rigid processes or traditional sales approaches. As such, our books and courses are applicable to all, not just to sellers and leaders.

At present, our products focus on the art of persuasion through writing. However, we hope to launch a new, broader course in late 2014 so please bookmark this site and check back later in the year.

Currently, we provide training to businesses and can offer employability courses to universities to increase the chances of success for their graduates. In the future, we hope to offer public courses in the UK and beyond.

Please browse the site and see how we can help you develop your persuasive writing skills.

Pete Frederick   


30/03/16 Two new courses available

The new Persuasion for Employability programme is now complete, along with its counterpart, Persuasion for Business. To find out more about these exciting courses, visit the Courses section of this website or  get in touch at pete@persuasivewriting.co.uk

09/03/16 Persuasion for Employability

The new Persuasion for Employability programme is almost ready to launch, with 6 of the 8 modules created. If you would be interested in trialllng this exciting and powerful new programme for students, please get in touch at pete@persuasivewriting.co.uk

“The three-day persuasive business writing program was an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of materials required to communicate effectively in a concise manner”

Koshy Benjamin, Oman Oil Company