“Ever wondered why that business-changing sales tender went to your biggest competitor? Well, maybe that’s because they’ve learned all the tricks and tips from the expert of influential writing: Peter Frederick”

Being successful in business means being able to persuade others. Whether it is colleagues or customers; whether it is over a handshake or formal bid, your ability to influence is at the heart of your business’ productivity, profitability and growth.  

Persuasion for Business is a series of configurable training modules, designed for everyone in business from new graduates to experienced CEOs. Each module deals with one particular aspect of persuasion and influence, building into a comprehensive persuasion toolkit. Each module relates the skills to a particular aspect of business success such as networking,  negotiations and sales skills

If you would like to equip your organisation with the ultimate business skillset, please get in touch to discuss how we can configure the perfect course for you.

Please contact Pete Frederick on +44 (0) 7989 350966 or email pete@persuasivewriting.co.uk

Find out how to:

  •  Create more persuasive documents
  •  Sharpen your networking skills
  •  Pitch your ideas and products more effectively
  •  Work more effectively with your peers, managers and staff
  •  Negotiate better deals
  •  Improve staff happiness and productivity


For Business

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