Better Business Writing

Course Content

Conciseness Equals Clarity

Use a 7-step concise writing process to remove clutter and let your message shine through

Verbs Equal Vigour

Use verbs more effectively to give your writing energy and life


Understand and avoid common writing mistakes

Planning and Structuring

Follow a simple writing planning process and understand the range of document structures available

Layout, Fonts and Formatting

Produce accessible, engaging documents by exploiting graphical elements

Tips for Common Documents

Produce more effective email, grants, websites, CVs and  other common documents

Persuasive writing is essential to almost everything you ever write. If someone else is reading your words, chances are you want to convince them of something. Maybe you want money, maybe a job. Maybe you just want people to keep the kitchen tidy at work. Whatever the reason, you need your writing to be persuasive. This course tells you how.

This course, the second of three focused on persuasive writing, is mainly concerned with making your writing more concise, clear and impactful, allowing your persuasive message to shine through. It covers topics such as concise writing, presentation, writing processes and energising your words. It also provides guides for producing common documents such as emails, websites, CVs and grant applications.

To arrange in-house training, please contact Pete Frederick on +44 (0) 7989 350966 or email pete@persuasivewriting.co.uk

“My first proposal, written prior to the course, took 2 weeks to write.  I struggled with the page limit and spent as long taking bits out as I spent putting them in.  Proposal 2, post course, was easier to write, took 4 fewer days, flew through evaluation and the client loved it immediately.


Why the big difference?  Pete’s course, of course! I learned to refine my style, create eye catching layouts and really use the flexibility of the English language.


Proposal 3 is my best to date.  Pete’s course helped me write it, get it through evaluation and to the client inside 4 days.  If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!